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Samsara dos Sonhos - Dream Samsara

SESC Santana - 2011

SESC is a cultural center runned by Brazilian Commerce Social Service. Three illustrations was commissioned to customize the theatre entrance wall, printed on wallpapers in big resolution.



Nickelodeon - Meus Prêmios Nick - 2015

Meus Prêmios Nick is a brazilian version of Kids Choice Awards.
With Nickelodeon's symbol "Zeppy" as canvas, we presented a group show on the day of the event.



Canson - Manifesto do Papel

Galeria Sinlogo - São Paulo, Brazil - 2015

Group exhibition curated by Canson Brasil. Along six artists, we used exclusively paper
as canvas to our art, showing the possibilities of this millennar platform.



心の森(Kokoro No Mori) - The Forest Within

HHH Gallery - Tokyo, Japan - 2017

First solo show in Tokyo and in lifetime at HHH Gallery.
Exhibited original drawings of personal and comissioned works from 2010 - 2017.


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